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Technology Watch - August 2006
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The Celery email system allows a user to send emails without having to own a computer. It's sounds like it sends faxes to a central server to convert to email, and vice versa.
To send an email, simply write out the email, put it in the slot, press 2 buttons and the message is faxed and emailed.
To receive email: when phone rings, pick up the phone, and email is automatically printed out by the printer.
No outside computing equipment or Internet connection is required. The system is plugged into the phone line and the Celery service will allow you to send and receive emails.
If you're not home you can still get your email. As long as you have an answering machine or auto-answering device, the email will be printed off.
Cost for the first year for a plain black and white system is $219 (inlcuding hardware) and one year service. Cost if you already have a fax machine is $99. Color service is also available for slightly more money.
This could be a reasonable email solution for someone who can't get internet service, or for someone who cognitivly could not use a computer.
For more information, go to Celery's website at or telephone customer service at toll-free
1(866) MY-CELERY (692-35379)

My Celery Fax to Email System
My Celery fax to email system
The AAW100 Auto Wrench is an 8" motorized wrench recently released by Black and Decker. The wrench adjusts with a push button up to a 1 1/4" capacity. Designed to be easy to use in tight spaces where one wouldn't have the room to use both hands to adjust the wrench, this wrench is a great tool for one handed users, or people with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or other problems with their hands that might make it difficulty to operate a standard wrench. It also includes a handy dandy built in scale to tell you the metric or standard size of the bolt. The wrench costs $29.95 on
Visit Black and Decker online for more details.

Black & Decker Motorized Wrench
Motorized Open End Adjustable Wrench  - 08 August 2006
Moen Grab Bar Hollow Wall Anchor  08 August 2006

Moen recently introduced the SecureMount Anchor System which allows you to safely install a grab bar into drywall without having to hunt down a stud or rip the wall apart to add blocking. The wall anchors cost about $36 a pair, and will work with any grab bar brand. They can be installed with in about 15 minutes with a drill, 1 1/4" hole saw, stud finder, level, and Phillips head screwdriver.
The system can be used with 1/2 or 5/8 drywall, tiles, and fiberglass tub surrounds (so they claim).
Visit the Moen website for more details.

Moen Grab Bar Anchor
My Celery email system  - 2 August 2006