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Slide 1: Blank

Slide 2: The front page of an Extra Edition of the Los Angles Times. The head line reads: "Terror Attack: Hijacked Jets Fly Into Trade Center, Pentagon" . Two small pictures show the second plane flying into South Tower of the World Trade Center. One large picture shows the towers burning, with thick, black smoke billowing out.

Slide 3: Afternoon Extra Edition of the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Headline says "Terror From the Air: U.S. Attacked: Hijacked Airlines lead terrorist assault on World Trade Center, Pentagon" One large image follows of the Twin Towers burning with thick, black smoke billowing out.

Slide 4: Image of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center from the river before the attack on a clear day.

Slide 5: Image of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center from the city before the attack on an overcast day.

Slide 6: Twin Towers, after North Tower was hit, before south tower was hit. Thick smoke is pouring out of the North Tower.

Slide 7: Picture of Twin Towers from the North Side. Thick smoke pours from the North Tower, and jet plane heading for the South Tower is entering the right side of the image.

Slide 8: Picture from the South Side, Thick smoke pours from the North Tower. Jet Plane is banking sharply just before it hits the south tower.

Slide 9: Massive fire ball fills the picture.

Slide 10: Picture from the street south of the towers of massive explosion of Jet Liner hitting South Tower

Slide 11: Picture from the North East of South Tower as jet plane explodes against the side.

Slide 12: South side picture of South Tower right after jet plane impact. Large fire ball shoots out of the side of the building, and debris is falling to the street

Slide 13: Picture from the north side shows thick black smoke pours from both of the twin towers.

Slide 14: Close up picture of tower shows large gash in the side of the building, with black smoke pouring out.

Slide 15: Close up image of person falling out of one of the twin towers.

Slide 16: Distance image of person falling out of tower, just below the floors of the building where thick smoke and fire is coming out of the windows.

Slide 17: Image of person falling head first down the side of tower.

Slide 18: Image of person falling back first with tower in the background.

Slide 19: Image of Manhattan Island from a distance, with thick smoke obscuring the buildings in mid-town Manhattan.

Slide 20: Image of North Tower of the World Trade Center collapsing. Mushroom shaped dust and smoke cloud envelopes the building near the middle of it's original height.

Slide 21: Image of North Tower of the World Trade Center collapsing. Bottom half of building still standing, but top half is clearly long.

Slide 22: Image of North Tower of the World Trade Center collapsing. Three quarters of the tower is collapsed.

Slide 23: Image of tower rubble after the towers have collapsed. Part of one wall of building juts up sharply with a smaller building with a dome on top in the background.

Slide 24: Large gash with smoke pouring out of it in the Pentagon. The building is black, and a helicopter flies overhead.

Slide 25: Close up image of damage to Pentagon. Building is blackened, and floors lay diagonally against the one side of damaged area.

Slide 26: Image of blackened Pentagon with smoke pouring out and firemen on the roof.

Slide 27: Damaged side of Pentagon with fire engines in the foreground.

Slide 28: Close up of firemen with damaged Pentagon in the back ground.

Slide 29: Image of collapsed floors of the Pentagon with Emergency vehicles in the foreground.

Slide 30: Firemen on roof near damaged area of Pentagon as the sun sets.

Slide 31: Half collapsed floors of the Pentagon still smoldering with Emergency vehicles and personnel in foreground.

Slide 32: Helicopter flies over damaged area of Pentagon. Several ambulances are parked in front of the damaged area.

Slide 33: Green highway sign directing people to Pentagon exit from road, with blackened Pentagon in background.

Slide 34: Image of damaged area of Pentagon light up at night, with Capital Dome in back ground.

Slide 35: President Bush sitting at table on Air Force 1 having a discussion with a staff member.

Slide 36: President Bush standing behind a podium. His head is bowed and his eyes are closed.

Slide 37: Highway sign over road filled with traffic declaring "New York City closed to all traffic"

Slide 38: Portable Highway sign at LAX airport declaring "All Flights Canceled"

Slide 39: Light up sign at night declaring "All Crossings to New York Closed".

Slide 40: Image of people on the West Bank celebrating, holding a machine gun up in the air.

Slide 41: Image of the Statue of Liberty in profile, with the smoke filled New York City Skyline in the background.

Slide 42: Slide says "God Bless America"

Slide 43: Blank Slide says "Click here to restart slide show"

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